About Equanimity

Have you ever noticed in your life that you sometimes feel unbalanced and in a bad mood without knowing exactly why? The idea of Equanimity is to regularly help you introspect on your current emotional state and understand why certain emotions arise and what might be the cause of it.
Equanimity reminds you up to 4 times during the day to reflect on your current mood. With that information, Equanimity creates your own emotional profile to find the sources of happiness, sadness, distress, and excitement in your life.

Equanimity is designed to work together with your Apple Watch to allow you to enter your moods quickly in two steps. Equanimity's charts and statistics help to discover your most common emotions and when they occur most frequently. You can also see at a glance how your emotional balance develops over time.

The goal of Equanimity is to help you understand what makes you happy and increase the number of happy influences in your life. Equanimity also helps find the source of worries, so you are better equipped to find solutions for these.